Pregnancy Week 10

Pregnancy Week 10

The baby is now growing big by pregnancy week 10. The baby measures about 31 and 42 mm in length and weighs about 4 grams. The baby is getting big enough to start being weighed! The baby is about the size of a lime. By the end of pregnancy week 10 the baby’s organ systems are growing quickly. Internal organs start to form and the vital organs including the liver, kidney, intestines and brain start functioning. Tiny details such as toenails start developing. The palate and the roof of the mouth also form. The baby starts kicking and swallowing the amniotic fluid and is the end of the embryonic period and the beginning of the fetal period.

Changes and development in the baby

The body undergoes many developments during pregnancy week 10, though still it may not be showing much at this point of pregnancy week 10. There are visible changes in the body. Now the mother starts feeling more positive about her pregnancy. The waistline starts expanding further and there might be a feeling of sickness and tiredness. Height, weight and blood pressure should be checked when in pregnancy week 10. Because of high levels of hormones there is an abundance of emotional and physical effects. Getting easily distressed and mood swings are common during pregnancy week 10.

The baby’s limbs can bend now. The hands are flexed at the wrist and his feet may be long enough to meet in front of its body. The outline of the spine is clearly visible through translucent skin, and spinal nerves begin to stretch out from the spinal cord. The baby’s heart beats at 140-160 beats per minute. The head is over-sized and almost half the size of the fetus. The baby’s brain development continues. The fingers and toes are completely separated now. The baby’s vital organs like brain, kidneys, liver and intestines start functioning. The baby’s heartbeat could also be heard.

Changes in the mother’s body

Gums start getting sensitive a swollen due to hormonal changes in the body. The uterus continues to increase in size. Meditation during pregnancy week 10 helps to relax and stay calm. The mother should continue taking nutritional supplements as advised by the doctor. Coffee and tea intake should be reduced. Eating healthy and exercising helps during this time. Morning sickness might start to ease but feeling of tiredness and nausea is still there. There is 40-50% increase in the blood volume. This pregnancy week 10 is more stable stage for pregnancy. There is an increase in weight which is good and should not go down.

Care to be taken by Moms

Oral health should be particularly taken care of during pregnancy week 10. Adequate amount of vitamin B, C and D, and calcium and protein should be taken. Balanced pregnancy diet should be taken which will ensure nourishment. Small and regular meals should be continued. Healthy snacks should be taken and mother should avoid fast food. Vitamins and mineral rich food like walnuts, almond and raisins should also be included in the pregnancy diet. Food rich in iron such as brown rice, jaggery, meat, fish, poultry and dried fruits should be taken. Food high in folic acid like strawberries, oranges, green leafy vegetables, beans, rice and cereals should be taken enough.