Pregnancy Week 11

Pregnancy Week 11

By this point of pregnancy week 11 the baby has grown to approximately the size of a small lime and is between 1.75 to 2.4 inches long. By the end of this week all the organs formed start working. As a result of this, now there is no risk of any miscarriage and the baby’s development is not so vulnerable to environmental risks. To accommodate this growth, the blood vessels in the placenta increase both in size and in number so that more nutrients are provided to the baby.

Development of the baby

At pregnancy week 11, the baby’s heart now has started working hard, pumping blood around his body and through the umbilical cord to the area that is developing into the placenta. The outer ears now move from the neck to the sides of the head, and the middle and inner ears are completely formed. The ovaries and testicles develop inside the body but yet the baby’s sex is not determined from the outside because the genitals are not developed. Most of the time the baby’s chin is bent down and knees curled up, but, despite that, it’s very active. The head appears large and out of proportion to his body, but his face is more rounded with distinct features. The teeth and the hair follicles too begin to form. The baby makes more definite movements, moving his spine and stretching his arms and legs. Now he can even open and close his mouth. The urinary system of the baby starts functioning. The baby kicks but it is not yet felt by the mother.

The baby’s heartbeat

The baby’s heartbeat can be heard by the doctor at pregnancy week 11. The baby’s heartbeat is very fast that is twice that of an adult varying from 110 to 170bpm.

Changes in your body

During pregnancy week 11, the breasts are full and tender and the skin around the areolas is darkened. Dizziness and nausea are also common symptoms that might occur. Some women may also notice changes in their hair, fingernails or toenails which are normal and not permanent. Calories burn at a faster rate and the amount of blood being pumped around the body is also increased. The mother may still feel tired and nauseas, but this will go away soon.

There are quite a few discomforts that could be felt during pregnancy week 11 like, leg cramps, backaches and vaginal discharge. Changes in hormones lead to mood swings and feeling irritated. Gentle massage, some exercise or eating potassium containing food helps relieve the pain. Increase is vaginal discharge is normal as far as it is white and clear.

Healthy tips

Weight gain is a big concern for most women during pregnancy. A conscious effort needs to be taken to continue eating nutritious food and food that is rich in vitamins at pregnancy week 11. If still hungry after dinner then should try eating fruits, vegetables and fish. Eating regular nutritious food, consuming lots of water or fluids, having enough sleep and keeping the stress levels low are very essential to avoid frequent headaches too. Taking short naps in between the day is also helpful. More fluids should be taken and enough of vitamin C. Weight should be checked once a week. The mother should relax by reading, listening to music and doing favourite activities.