Pregnancy Week 12

Pregnancy Week 12

During pregnancy week 12 the baby continues to develop and grow tremendously. By pregnancy week 12, the baby is 2.5 inches long. As pregnancy continues week by week there are amazing changes that start to occur in the body. Now the mother is entering the second trimester. During 12 weeks pregnant the baby’s brain starts to produce hormones, and the nerve cells in the baby’s brain start developing and multiplying. The baby might also start sucking its thumb, and by now the baby’s kidneys will start producing urine. By pregnancy week 12 the uterus will start moving up and out of pelvis, which will settle in just above pubic bone. From here the uterus will continue to expand into the abdomen and keep doing that. During pregnancy week 12 the uterus will start to gain on some weight as the pregnancy progresses. The uterus grows by roughly 2 pounds throughout the pregnancy. A skeleton of cartilage, the lungs are formed. The thyroid glands and the pancreas are complete.

Changes in the body

There is an increase in blood volume which pumps in more blood to the blood vessels. The uterus shifts up and forward with the growth. There is also a decrease in morning sickness and rise in levels of energy. There might also be some changes in the skin as well. Brown patches on the face and neck might also be formed in some women. Heartburn is also possible in pregnancy week 12 which is caused due to an increased level of hormone. To relieve heartburn, mothers should: Eat less at each meal and eat frequently. Food should be chewed properly and slowly. Liquids should be consumed before and after meals. Mothers should avoid eating before going to bed.

Healthy tips

Mothers should not ignore dental hygiene during pregnancy week 12 and further. She should floss and brush regularly, and make sure to see the dentist at least once in nine months. The gums may bleed more because of hormones and because of increased blood volume. Most women also develop stretch marks on their abdomen, breasts, hips or buttocks. They might not go away, but they will fade away after pregnancy.

Healthy diet

The pregnancy diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables should be continued. The mother should start taking additional folic acid if haven’t already taken; and should stop smoking, drinking alcohol, and using over-the-counter medications. Moms should stay away from toxic materials and rest well. The diet should include fruits and vegetables. Spicy and oily food should be avoided during pregnancy week 12. It is recommended to consume food containing 300 extra calories a day if carrying twins. The diet should include lot of proteins, calcium and vitamins. A breakfast containing a bowl of fortified cereal with skim milk starts the day which contains vitamins, iron, calcium and more. Lunch should be full of Fiber-filled whole grain breads, protein-packed beans and chicken, and fruits. Eating several times a day, even between meals, keeps the blood sugar stable and avoids energy crashes. Folic acid is a B vitamin that helps prevent birth defects of the brain and spinal cord. The healthy diet should include enriched grain products, beans, green leafy vegetables and orange juice. Cheese, yoghurt, fruits and vegetables are good, healthy snacks too. Drinking at least six to eight glasses of water or juice everyday should be followed.