Pregnancy Week 22

During pregnancy week 22 the baby is 7.5 inches long and weighs more than 12 ounces. The baby’s size is about a foot long. The pancreas is also developed further and it may start producing hormones its own hormones. The baby’s sense of touch matures, and she frequently strokes her face and sucks her thumb. The baby is learning to move her limbs and make them touch each other. Her fingernails and toenails are growing and the lines and creases on the palms of her hands start becoming obvious. The baby continues to mature and develop. As the pregnancy continues further week by week the organs of the bay continue to develop. Also the baby’s internal organ system including the digestive system of the baby develops and matures. The eyelids and eyebrows are fully formed. In some babies by pregnancy week 22 full lips and tooth buds may also be in place.

Development in the mother’s body

The uterus is now an inch above the navel. Many women also start developing stretch marks. There are a variety of lotions that can be applied to keep the skin soft and improve its elasticity. Few months after delivery, the stretch marks disappear in some women. Some women get stretch marks on their tummy and few may also get on their breasts, waist and thighs. The colour of the stretch marks largely depends on the natural skin colour. Aloe Vera oil can be used to reduce itchiness due to stretch marks. Pain in the lower back is quite common during pregnancy week 22. Causes of the back pain could be numerous but expanding uterus and postural changes are the main causes including changes in weight and hormonal distribution. To alleviate back pain, firstly posture should be taken care of. Slouching while sitting should be avoided. Developing strong pelvic and abdominal muscles can improve posture. Pelvic tilts are beneficial in reduction of back pain. Pelvic tilt can be performed by lying flat on the back and bending the knees. Back pain could also be reduced by sleeping on the side. Foot and leg cramps are experienced due to prolonged standing. Prolonged standing leads to fatigue and cramping. During pregnancy week 22, the heart rate is also increased which is normal.

Care to be taken

Women should avoid wearing high heels during pregnancy week 22 and ahead. This might strain the back. Standing and sitting for longer hours must be avoided. Exercises should be continued regularly as they help at the time and labor. Moisturizers should be applied to help the skin feel supple and also reduce itching. Women should wear suitable clothes, shoes and support stockings. It is necessary to eat little and often to keep the energy levels up.

The diet during pregnancy week 22 and daily should be light and nutritious and easily digestible. The main sources of calorie rich food fish, meat, eggs, dairy products, nuts, seafood, grains and cereals should be included in the everyday diet during pregnancy. At least half a liter of milk, green vegetables and citrus fruits should be consumed daily. Adequate doses of vitamin C also help in a healthy birth weight and a decreased risk of premature rupture of the membranes. Vitamin C is found in orange juice as well as from a wide variety of delicious fruits like mango, papaya, and strawberries and vegetables like and vegetable juice.