Pregnancy Week 25

Pregnancy Week 25

By pregnancy week 25 the baby is around 9 inches long and weighs about one and half pounds. During pregnancy week 25 the baby continues to mature and continues for next coming weeks. This week the blood vessels in the baby’s lungs continue to develop and nostrils open up. The baby’s spines start to mature too. The baby can now respond to sound as the sense of hearing is fully developed. The taste buds are formed and may develop a weakness for sweets.

Mother’s development and growth

The uterus continues to grow and places some pressure on the back and pelvis. Shooting pain can sometimes be experienced down the leg and back which might become severe for some women. Numbness or tingling in the legs is also experienced by some women. It might become to lift the leg due to acute pain. To alleviate this pain ice pack could be applied in the area where there is pain, sleeping on a firm mattress, avoid sitting for longer periods of time, avoiding bending frequently, trying to stand up straight, using support cushions and a full body pillow while in bed, avoiding lifting of anything heavy.

There could be some unpleasant side-effects of digestion during pregnancy week 25. This is because the progesterone slows the process of digestion and the growing uterus also puts pressure on the intestines which might lead to indigestion and heartburn. Hence women should try eating smaller and frequent meals. Spicy and fatty foods should be avoided.

Stretch marks are noticed around this time. They are caused due to stretching of skin during pregnancy. Moisturizers could be used to stop them from becoming worse. Supportive bra could be worn to prevent them form appearing on the breasts. If it is hard to sleep well, then women should try lying on one side with a pillow under the upper leg so that the weight goes off the bump. If the ankle starts swelling then legs could be lifted up and rested. Morning sickness could also be experienced due to high levels of HCG and progesterone. It is worst in the morning when the blood sugar is low.

At this time of pregnancy week 25 women should also be aware of pre-term labor that includes: persistent and rhythmic cramping in the lower belly, frequent contractions, cramping accompanied by low back pain, watery or bloody discharge or leaking. If any of these signs are observed then the doctor should be consulted immediately.

Good nutrition and plenty of rest should be continued. A healthy and well balanced diet should be continued to be taken during pregnancy week 25 which should include proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and plenty of water. Meals should include lots of wholegrain breads and cereals. Complex carbohydrates and fruits and vegetables should be included in the diet. Folate or folic acid, a B group vitamin is quite essential and is found in a variety of foods. Green, leafy vegetables are high in folic acid. Ample fruits and vegetables should be eaten every day. Eating a variety of vegetables during pregnancy week 25 provides a good nutritional balance.