Pregnancy Week 27

Pregnancy Week 27

At this week of pregnancy the bay is about 14 to 15 inches long and weighs around two pounds. The internal organs and systems of the baby continue to grow and develop. The baby’s eyelids open and the retina continue to mature. The baby sleeps and wakes at regular intervals. The baby’s brain is very active as more of brain’s tissues are developing during pregnancy week 27. The lungs of the baby become capable of pumping air. The network of nerves to the ears is completed at this point of pregnancy.

Development and changes

The uterus continues to develop and measures 2.8 inches above the belly button. The mother’s weight is around 16 to 22 pounds more at pregnancy week 27. Most women experience pain in the lower back along with leg cramps. The expanding uterus puts more and more pressure on the veins. These cramps may become worse with the progress of the pregnancy. At this time stretching might give some relief. Legs can be straightened and walking and gentle massage might also help. Mothers might feel more tiresome compared to previous weeks now. Stretch marks might become more visible as the belly grows. The placenta is producing more hormones. Now the body needs 300 to 350 extra amounts of calories every day during pregnancy week 27. The weight gained during pregnancy is not unhealthy as far as mothers eat healthy and nutritional diet.

Some common symptoms are:

Pelvic pressure, pain in the lower back, cramping in the belly, frequent contractions along with increase in vaginal discharge might be commonly experienced during pregnancy week 27. Also at times a severe headache might be felt which could be accompanied by numbness or blurred vision. Some women might also experience some shortness of breath during pregnancy week 27 which is caused due to pressure of uterus on the rib cage. Swelling or puffiness around the eyes or swelling in ankles or toes is experienced by some women. Severe constipation with a pain in the abdomen should be immediately reported to the doctor. Extra fluids and intake of fiber in the food will help relieve constipation. The expanding uterus might cause fatigue and hence enough rest is important. Increased urination could be experienced at pregnancy week 27 because of the compression of the bladder size and with the increased size of the baby. Breasts also become tender as the production of milk has started. Levels of fatigue also might increase to higher level due to sleep disorders.

If any of the following symptoms given below are observed then the doctor should be consulted immediately:
1. A sudden flow from the vagina which is red in colour.
2. If there is a sudden gush of clear watery fluid from the vagina
3. Pelvic pain
4. Dull pain in the lower back
5. Cramps and contractions
6. Pain during urination
7. Swelling or puffiness on face or hands and legs
8. Prolonged sharp pain in the abdomen.

Care to be taken during pregnancy week 27 are: sleeping and eating well and trying to be active as much as possible, improving postures during sleep to avoid breathing problems, trying to manage mood swings and food cravings by changing the environment around and taking frequent walks.