Pregnancy Week 29

Pregnancy Week 29

These weeks of pregnancy are absolutely crucial for the baby’s development. At pregnancy week 29 the baby is more than 16 inches long and weighs about 3 pounds now. The baby lays down fat stores that will keep him warm after coming into the world. The eyes of the bay are able to focus and also blink. A layer of fat is built up underneath his skin, which will be used for warmth and energy after his birth. The baby’s lungs continue to develop. The baby’s head is now in proportion to his arms and legs. The skin of the baby is thicker and now the network of nerves can’t be seen. There’s still enough space for the bay to move. At least ten movements in a day could be felt by the mother.

The muscles and brain of the baby also start to mature and develop. From this week the baby is capable of turning its head towards the source of light. The baby also continues to be sensitive to sound, taste and smell. The bones are also fully developed. The baby begins to store iron, calcium and phosphorus.

During pregnancy week 29 the baby’s adrenal glands start producing hormone called androgen. These hormones then travel to placenta and stimulate it to produce estrogen. It is necessary for the mother to eat enough nutritious food every day. From this week the baby starts absorbing plenty of nutrients. This estrogen in turn stimulates the mother’s body to produce prolactin which will help in the production of colostrum, the milk that will feed the baby when it is born. Colostrum is rich in protein and low in fat. It also contains antibodies to help protect the baby from any disease.

Development and changes in Mother’s body

The uterus grows to roughly 3 to inches above the navel. By pregnancy week 29, as much as 26 pounds of weight is gained by most women. Most women experience heartburn at pregnancy week 29. This is because of the pressure that is placed by the belly on the stomach with its continuous growth and expansion. Patterns of sleeping and activity are noticed at this time. Any kind of less vigorous or abnormal movements of the baby should be immediately reported to the doctor.


Mothers should eat several meals everyday. This will help reduce heartburn. Mothers should ensure that the food that they eat gives enough nutrition for the baby to grow and develop. Drinking plenty of water will help relieve from constipation and increase fluid retention. Pregnant women might also experience itchiness of skin, shortness of breath, leg cramps, indigestion and ache in muscles during pregnancy week 29. Mothers should make sure to eat food containing 30 milligrams of iron everyday. Iron is important at this time of pregnancy week 29 because it replenishes the supply of red blood cells and provides the baby with enough of iron stores for the months after it is born. Iron deficiency is common during pregnancy hence health care providers might prescribe iron supplements if it is found that the iron level is lower than required.

Most women might also experience pelvic pain due to the ligaments that hold it stretch and the pelvic bones shift with the growing uterus. Taking complete rest and adjusting positions will help relieve from this problem.