Pregnancy Week 3

Pregnancy Week 3

In the pregnancy week 3 the fertilization starts. The fertilized egg divides into hundreds of cells and is called a blastocyst. The blastocyst or the endometrium releases the hormones that stop the menstrual cycle.

The endometrium provides the developing embryo with nutrients, and removes the waste. Over a period of time, this develops into the placenta, which nourishes and protects the developing baby throughout the pregnancy. After about 10 day.s fertilization, the blastocyst is firmly implanted into the endometrium.

The Baby

During pregnancy week 3 the baby is too tiny. Huge number of cells keeps growing at a remarkable rate. As a woman continues going through the pregnancy week these cells rapidly start taking on a more human shape, with a head which is slightly larger than the arm.

Staying Healthy!

By pregnancy week 3, adequate vitamin intake is essential for nourishing the baby. A woman should have a well- balanced diet. It is important to get enough of folic acid, calcium and iron. Food high in calcium should also be taken like dairy products, such as milk, cheese and yoghurt, green leafy vegetables and legumes. Food rich in iron like red meat, eggs, and green leafy vegetables should also be taken as it increases the baby.s blood volume. Taking supplements also ensures that one gets enough of these vitamins, calcium and iron. Consuming enough protein in the diet during pregnancy is also important because protein is used to create new tissue. The intake of protein should be doubled during pregnancy.

Development in the body

By pregnancy week 3 brings some physical changes also. Most women don.t start experiencing physical symptoms until they miss their period. However some slight spotting during ovulation or during conception might be experienced which is perfectly normal and may be a sign that a woman has successfully conceived. Now by pregnancy week 3, it is the time to start taking care of the body. Around 6 to 8 glasses of water intake is also recommended. Alcohol, drugs and smoking throughout the pregnancy should be avoided to ensure the health and well being of the baby. A healthy diet and regular exercises should be started. Walking is a safe and healthy exercise that could be followed. Exercise during a normal pregnancy is quite healthy for both mother and baby. It also reduces the time spent in labor. Slight bloating is also a premenstrual symptom. Week by week a healthy amount of weight gain is also necessary. Weight gain during pregnancy is absolutely normal and a healthy sign.

Medications taken during pregnancy have some effect on the baby. Aspirin is a drug taken frequently for many reasons, which might increase bleeding when taken either alone or in combination with other medications.