Pregnancy Week 30

Pregnancy Week 30

At this stage of pregnancy the mother’s placenta continues to transmit antibodies which provide the baby with some immunity against infections and diseases. The baby weighs about 3 pounds and is 17 inches long now. At pregnancy week 30 the baby probably lies head down with the knees curled up into the chest. The baby becomes plumper so its skin looks smooth. The baby still keeps stretching out and kicks against the wall of the uterus. A scratch is also felt as the baby moves its fingers on the wall of the uterus. The bone marrow makes red blood cells. The eyelids of the baby open and close from time to time. The baby continues to grow amazingly at this week. As time passes by the baby goes on moving its arms and legs every time.

Development of the mother’s body

By this time now the uterus has grown around 4 inches above the navel. The progesterone level in the body keeps increasing. As the tummy expands it might become more uncomfortable sleeping at night. At this time, a pregnancy body pillow might help. Most women might also find it hard to shift position. At pregnancy week 30 women are also likely to be off balance. This happens due to certain hormones in the body that make the joints loose. Most women will find that their feet grow up a little which is normal and is due to the loose joints. This is not a side effect though and will go away after pregnancy. The volume of amniotic fluid starts to decrease slowly as the baby takes more space in the belly.

Most women start feeling more tired at pregnancy week 30 which is due to the increased levels of progesterone levels in the body. More emotional swings are also experienced at this week. The most common symptom at this week is constipation. Pregnancy hormones slow down the digestive process. In addition to this the growing uterus pushes the intestines. Mothers should exercise regularly and eat food that is high in fiber such as vegetables and whole grains and drink plenty of fluids. Several other changes that occur at pregnancy week 30 are stretch marks, swelling, black lines, heart burn and indigestion.

To ease from heartburn and indigestion women should eat five small meals a day rather than three large meals, staying away from spicy foods, fried foods and carbonated sodas, wearing loose clothes, propping up the upper body while sleeping and not eating immediately before going to bed.

Most women find it comfortable sleeping on their left side. Sleeping on the left side ensures an unobstructed flow of blood to the organs. Maternity and body pillows also help mothers who have trouble in sleeping at night. Pregnancy week 30 is also a time for most mothers-to-be to plan baby shower.

Care to be taken by mothers during pregnancy week 30 are:
A. Regular exercises and consuming vegetable and whole grains in daily diet as they are rich in fiber.
B. Avoiding sitting or standing for longer hours.
C. Using maternity pillows for comfortable sleep at night
D. To ease severe heartburn, sleeping in a recliner chair gives great comfort.