Pregnancy Week 33

Pregnancy Week 33

By this stage of pregnancy week 33, the baby is increasingly aware of sounds, movements and emotions that are communicated by the mother. The baby’s weight is 4 pounds and is about 19 inches long. The baby gains weight steadily during pregnancy week 33. The main focus now should be on the baby’s growth. The major organs are completely grown but the baby’s immune system is still developing. The final weeks are crucial for the development of his lungs. The skin of the baby might look a little pale because of the white fat that is beneath the skin which will make its skin smooth and plump. The baby is quite active at pregnancy week 33. The baby’s brain is also maturing and growing rapidly. Some babies might full head of hair and some might only have fuzz. The baby has normal pattern of waking and sleeping. The colour of the baby’s skin turns from red to pink. The placenta from the mother’s body spreads the antibodies that help to fight against any infection. The baby might push its small elbow or foot against the abdomen or his little bottom might push against the mother’s ribs. This might be uncomfortable and trying to change position will make the baby shift.

Development and changes in the mother

By pregnancy week 33 the uterus is about 5 inches above the navel. The mothers gain up to 28 pounds or more by this week. Many women also gain weight rapidly during their third trimester due to the rapid growth of the baby. Most babies gain weight from five to nine ounces per week.

By this week many women experience mild swelling or edema. If women are in third trimester during summer then they should make sure to drink plenty of water to keep from getting hydrated. This will not only help with swelling but also give comfort. Some women also experience numbness and tingling in their fingers and wrists. The tissue supporting the hands and wrists swell too. Taking proper wrist will give relieve form this discomfort. Some women might still experience excessive tiredness, Braxton Hicks, pelvic aches. Constipation also might make women feel quite uncomfortable during pregnancy week 33. Pregnancy hormones relax the muscles and hence there are fewer contractions to push the food through the system. To fight constipation pregnant women should drink plenty of water, unsweetened fruit juices every day. Tea, coffee and alcohol should be completely avoided. Food high in fiber content like whole meal bread, beans, cereals and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables should be eaten daily. Most women also suffer from severe leg cramps during pregnancy week 33. To reduce leg cramps mothers should not stand or sit in the same position for long hours, intake of calcium should be increased through diet, should try to keep the legs elevated while lying down, flex the toes upwards and use hands to apply pressure on the affected area.

Tiredness comes because of low levels of iron in the body. To get more iron women should drink lot of orange juice, sunflower seeds as snacks as they are rich in iron content, baked beans on toast.