Pregnancy Week 35

Pregnancy Week 35

At this week of pregnancy week 35 the baby although growing in length, its growth slows down. The weight of the baby is more than 5 pounds and is 20 inches long. The baby grows plumper; fat continues to be laid down around the baby’s shoulders. All the organs are fully matured now except his lungs. Lungs still keep developing further and once they are developed completely the baby will be able to breathe freely. The baby’s skin looks smooth with some dimples and full growth of hair on his head. He is covered with vernix. The baby makes lot of facial expressions and makes movements like he will do so after he is born. The baby continues to gain weight at pregnancy week 35.

Development and changes in the mother

By pregnancy week 35 the uterus looks quite large and is six inches above the navel. Women are now more anxious and worried about their delivery. Still the mothers should try to relax themselves. During the last weeks of pregnancy women can also go for pregnancy massage which helps relieve discomforts like pain and swelling. Mothers normally gain weight between 24 to 29 pounds by this week. Common physical changes identified during this week are not getting good sleep, feeling anxious, getting irritated and feeling uncomfortable. Women also might experience lot of discomfort from hemorrhoids which is caused due to increased pressure of the baby on the veins in the rectum. Hemorrhoids could be relieved by drinking lot of fluids and eating enough of whole grains, fruits and leafy vegetables either raw or cooked.

Other late pregnancy discomforts include shortness of breath, finding difficult to eat properly and feeling full even after eating little. To relieve this discomfort eating less and nutritious is a better option. Heartburn is another problem for most women during pregnancy week 35 and can be reduced by eating small meals and avoiding spicy food. As the belly becomes bigger women might also find it difficult to sleep. To reduce this discomfort mothers should try lying on side and resting the top knee on the cushion. Women should also start becoming aware of their breathing patterns during final weeks of pregnancy. When feeling tensed women should take deep breath and relax. Shortness of breath during pregnancy week 35 is caused as the baby is now high up under the ribs. Sitting in a straight backed chair might give relief.

The intake of calcium should be continued at pregnancy week 35 as it is necessary for babies and mother’s healthy bones and teeth. A glass of milk with cheese sandwich will give enough of protein and calcium. Eating whole meal, granary and soft grain bread is essential for fiber and vitamin B. Yoghurt and honey could be taken as yoghurt is rich in calcium and honey is good for the replacement of loss energy. Vitamin D is also required more during pregnancy. Vitamin D sources are sunlight on the skin and foods like butter, eggs, full fat dairy products and fortified foods. Soya bean curd is also good source of iron, protein and calcium.