Pregnancy Week 40

Pregnancy Week 40

This week might seem the longest week as the due date has crossed. The baby is completely developed at pregnancy week 40. As soon as the baby is born the blood in the baby’s lungs get oxygenated and the baby begins to breathe normally. The baby is tightly curled up when she is born. Some babies are also born with their feet turned in because of their position in the uterus. By pregnancy week 40 the baby’s reflexes are coordinated by time that is the baby can blink, close eyes, turn head, grasp firmly and also respond to sound, light and touch.

Changes and development in mothers

The size of the abdomen remains the same at pregnancy week 40. There is very less space for the baby to move and hence the baby will arrive anytime in this world. Most women feel tired and clumsy at pregnancy week 40. Some women might deliver by this week and some might cross the due date. It is perfectly normal if the delivery is two weeks early or late. Women who don’t have delivery by this week might think of some natural labor induction. Walking apart from being a labor, inducer is also a great exercise which helps in lifting once spirits. Walking might help to stimulate labor. Walking helps the baby to move farther into the pelvis. Eating certain spicy foods containing cumin or garlic also triggers labor. Nipple stimulation is also another powerful way of inducing labor. This can also lead to strong contractions. Nipple contractions should be done with doctor’s approval. Sex is the most common labor inducer. Semen contains prostaglandins which stimulates Labor and start contractions. Labor is induced when the labor is not progressing and when the mother’s and the baby’s health is at risk. Labor is induced by artificially rupturing the membranes by the doctor, administering the hormone oxytocin and other medications as required. This sometimes might help start contractions.

At every contraction the mother experiences the baby moves down the canal and slips back with the fading of contraction. Women can try to push the baby out with little breaths and pushes. Placenta is delivered after the baby’s birth. Sometimes it takes time to come out quickly or completely and is removed manually. Heavy bleeding follows after birth.

Pushing the baby out stretches the skin tight. A cut might be given if the skin is to tear badly during delivery. The area is first numbed before the cut is applied. The stitches are done if it is a large cut. The legs are strapped and the mother needs to lie on her back so that the doctor first numbs the area and then stitches.

Eating during labor may cause nausea to some women. However some nourishment is required for the energy during labor. Women should continue to drink plenty of fluids as dehydration might slow the labor. Pregnancy week 40 is filled with delight and fun for most women and should be enjoyed every moment.