Pregnancy Week 7

Pregnancy Week 7

It is during pregnancy week 7 the baby will be transformed into a human-looking fetus. The heart now has four clearly defined chambers and, it has a regular beat. The lungs are developing, the muscles and bones are forming, and the limbs begin to take shape. The head and brain grow rapidly, with ridges defining the three areas of the brain.

By pregnancy week 7 the baby grows upto 13mm. This week is an important time in the growth of the baby. The areas which develop are the forebrain, which controls memory and thinking the midbrain, which is responsible for coordinating messages and the hindbrain, which regulates the heart, breathing and movements of muscles in the body.

Nasal and oral cavities also develop, and will rapidly become facial features, such as the eyes, ears and mouth. The limb buds are now more recognizable, paddle-shaped arms and legs. There is a dark tinge where the eyes are forming and look more natural. Eyelids also develop. The baby even has lips and a tongue. The baby’s muscle and bone system also continue to develop.

Movement of the baby

The baby starts to make tiny ‘twitching’ movements that could be detected by sensitive ultrasound equipment. However, the movement is not felt until approximately 18 weeks of pregnancy. The sex glands also develop, although, at this stage.

Craving for food

During pregnancy week 7 a woman should take care about the choice of food. Many women start having cravings for specific foods during pregnancy. Cravings are a natural part of pregnancy, but taken to the extreme can also lead to excessive weight gain. It might be also difficult to eat many of the things that are loved, including leafy greens. Much of this is related to hormone. Certain changes in food happen around pregnancy week 7. Cravings for certain foods also develop if there is a deficiency of nutrients in the body.

Symptoms of pregnancy

Some cramps may be experienced during pregnancy week 7 and are usually moderate in nature. Breasts turn tender and nipples turn darker and prominent. A large cup size bra is recommended to support the breasts. Frequent trips to the bathroom are also common during pregnancy week 7 which continues throughout the pregnancy. Headaches and dizziness can be a problem for most pregnant women but ease out with time. Enough sleep is important to avoid fatigue.

Healthy tips

Women should focus on the energy and breathing levels during pregnancy week 7. They should take short naps if feeling fatigued. If feeling nauseous then she should sit down and take time to eat healthy food and food rich in vitamin. Fried, spicy, fatty or greasy foods should be avoided. Highly seasoned foods and rich foods such as cakes and pastries might also cause problems. Meat should be cooked by roasting, baking or grilling. Enough intake of vitamin B6 is important. Meals should be taken often and going without food for long hours should be avoided. Ginger taken in any form helps. Ginger beer, ginger tea or ginger biscuits could be taken. Ginger capsules could also be taken which are available at health food stores. Snacking on some healthy snacks between meals helps to keep the sugar level steady.