Pregnancy Week 8

Pregnancy Week 8

Development of the baby

The baby is now as long as 20mm long! It looks more and more human everyday. During pregnancy week 8 the bones now start to harden and lengthen, with various joints, such as wrists, shoulders and elbows. The pituitary gland, responsible for the production of hormones and growth, is also developing. The kidneys now start to produce urine which is for the first time. The major organs keep developing and are now in place. The intestines are long. The baby lives in warm amniotic fluid that consists mainly of water. This keeps the baby at a constant temperature, and protects and cushions it from any knocks or pressure leading to the movement. The baby is now recognizably human, with distinct features. During pregnancy week 8 the body slowly loses its curved appearance and becomes straighter. The limbs are more in proportion. The skin is quite transparent, and blood vessels are visible. Eyelids continue to develop. They move to a more central position as the head and face develop further. The outer parts of the ears develop on the side of the neck. The fingers and toes are distinguishable now.

Movement of the baby

Messages now pass along the nerves to the baby’s muscles at this stage of pregnancy week 8, enabling her to make spontaneous movements, such as gentle kicking. At this stage, the messages come from the spinal cord rather than the brain. The brain of the baby also continues to mature and grow. The lungs also work and mature week by week.


Many women start noticing that the breasts grow rapidly which is not uncommon. The waistline also expands with the growth of the uterus. The uterus is of the size of an orange. As the uterus keeps growing further, cramping or pain in the lower abdomen of the sides could be felt. Some women might also feel the uterus getting tight or getting contracted which happens throughout pregnancy. If it not the first pregnancy then it shows as the muscles and ligaments are not as tight. Some women also experience pain in their shoulders. Many women who get heartburn can avoid by eating less and often. Increasing levels of hormones, acne, tender and swollen breasts, nausea, constipation, indigestion or heartburn and extreme fatigue are other symptoms during pregnancy week 8.

Healthy tips

Women should continue taking prenatal vitamins and should eat healthy diet. They should find ways to cope with morning sickness. In this early pregnancy week 8 several small meals a day are easier to cope with large meals a day. Good nutritious food for the mother as well as baby is helpful for the growth which is as follows:

Well-cooked egg with grilled tomatoes, whole meal bagel with cucumber, home-made soups with plenty of vegetables and pulses like peas, beans and lentils should be included in a regular diet. A pregnant woman should try and eat little and often. Eating plain biscuit or a piece of toast before getting out of bed is helpful. Ginger also helps some women in getting rid from morning sickness. Hence ginger tea or ginger biscuits could be eaten. Sucking peppermints or eating peppermint chocolates also help most women.