Pregnancy Week 9

The baby’s heart is almost fully developed and is now beating approximately 170 times per minute during pregnancy week 9. The baby is now approximately 30 mm long. An important band of muscle, which will become the diaphragm, now separates the cavity of the chest and the abdomen. The eye muscle and upper lip also develop. This pregnancy week 9 the growth of its feet and hands are more rapid. The fingers separate and feet become lengthened. The movements of the baby are now more definite. The baby kicks its feet and moves its arms and spine. Roughly by this the sex organs of the baby are developed. The heart separates into four chambers. The face is more distinct and the nose and mouth are clearly visible. The external ears are formed well.

The development and changes in the mother’s body

During pregnancy week 9 the uterus now is in size of a small melon. The woman might feel more bloated and tired than before. The fluid is retained which contributes the gaining of the weight. Pregnancy weight is distributed throughout the body. Amniotic fluid also causes around two pounds in weight gain. Most women also gain around 7 pounds of body fat. All the extra body fat that is gained during pregnancy sheds away with regular exercise and healthy diet after pregnancy. Weight keeps fluctuating from 1-5 pounds a day.

By pregnancy week 9 there are also some mood swings and anxiety. There is a feeling of elation or feeling down at times. All this is because of the number of hormones specially progesterone produced in the body. A woman during this time should try to relax and have a positive outlook. Going for a walk and having some fresh air helps when feeling down.

The breasts are more full and sensitive. The waistline expands. There is a feeling of heartburn and nausea too. Heartburn is a feeling of burn in the stomach which sometimes raises upto the throat. Eating early rather than late in the evening will help relieve from heartburn during nights. Antacids can also help. There is an increase in blood volume too. This is important as it meets the demand of the growing uterus.

Healthy eating

The mother should make sure to eat plenty of food containing calcium which is important for the baby’s development and growth during pregnancy week 9 and further. Food rich in calcium are dairy product and yoghurt, cheese and milk, green leafy vegetables and legumes. The mother should eat enough protein too which include food like sprouts, lentils and pulses.. Prenatal vitamins should also be continued. The mother should also plan to increase the intake of calories daily as these extra calories give extra energy for the growth of the baby and the mother too. More fluids should be taken and enough of vitamin C. Weight should be checked once a week. Consuming nutritional diet is recommended which are as follows:

1. Protein rich food like chicken, meat, pulses and fish
2. Dairy milk products and yoghurt
3. Fruits and vegetables and starchy food like rice, pasta, potatoes and whole meat bread.

Vitamins and mineral rich food like walnuts, almond and raisins should also be included in the pregnancy diet. Food rich in iron such as brown rice, jaggery, meat, fish, poultry and dried fruits should be taken.