Pregnancy Week by Week

Pregnancy Week by Week

Congratulations and welcome to the beautiful world of motherhood. Now that you are confirmed about your pregnancy, you might also be worried about morning sickness, body shape, weight and many other things that you will come across these nine months. You don’t need to worry as you will get all the information you need during these wonderful, fun-filled and mysterious weeks.

Pregnancy is the most beautiful and a miraculous event in a woman’s life. You are now concerned about the growth of your little one and your own. You are confused about the symptoms that you start experiencing day by day. You are worried about the changes you will undergo during these special days of your life. Leave all your worries aside and enjoy reading all the information you need as you progress with pregnancy week by week.

You will find all the information you need while you are pregnant in our week by week guide. This site is created to give you all the information you need to know during pregnancy. As your pregnancy advances week by week you will find new developments in you and your baby.

We will give you all the information and guidelines that will help you understand your pregnancy in a better way. You will get to know about your nutrition and diet that you need in pregnancy week by week. You will find many tips and helpful information you need as you proceed with your pregnancy and achieve important milestones. Read on and know how your baby keeps changing week by week.

Changes in appetite, increased frequency of urination are some of the most common signs at the early stages. The belly begins to grow and bladder gets pressurized. The higher levels of pregnancy hormones lead to nausea and vomiting at any time during the day. Ensure that your daily diet includes vitamins that are necessary for your growing baby as the first few months are very crucial for the baby’s development. So take good care of yourself during these initial days.

The pregnancy period could be divided in three periods called as first, second and third trimesters. Week one to fourteen is your first trimester; week fifteen to twenty-six is the second trimester and week twenty-seven to forty is the third and final trimester. The first trimester is filled with wonder and excitement. It’s a period of mixed feelings and emotions. Your body undergoes several changes and you experience various symptoms. Second trimester will come with new list of symptoms and changes. You might get some relief from morning sickness and nausea but new ones are there for you. Stretch marks, increase in the size of the abdomen and changes in skin are common during second trimester. You will see a great change in your body too. The final trimester comes with different changes again. You also start preparing to welcome the baby in this world. And the day is not far when you will end your pregnancy with a healthy child. Take good care of your health as it’s important for the development and the well-being of your baby. So take a look at our week by week guide and understand your pregnancy better form the first week till the birth of the baby. Learn what is happening with your baby, care you must take, symptoms that you experience and how to alleviate them and the growth of the baby.